Killer Work from Home Jobs

killer work from home jobsKiller Work from Home Jobs is an Amazon Best Selling Kindle ebook that provides 200 honest home-based opportunities for jobseekers that want to work from home for companies they know. The book is a quintessential guide that details honest job opportunities from Fortune 500, national, mid-sized and some new companies with great prospects.

Have you always wanted to work from home?  If so, don’t put it on your bucket list!  It should be on your Action Items to-do list.  Working from home is a lifestyle change.  The frustrations that you have been experiencing and the pressure that you’ve been under shifts.  Why?  You’re in the safety of your own home.  You control the environment.  As a result – things are different.  You experience a paradigm shift.  Likely a shift that is incredibly warranted.

Killer Work from Home Jobs will help you to make that decision.  This well researched guide details each company, what the company does, its financial standing in the business world, its headquarters, launch date, job titles and more.

If you want to make the switch to working from home, this is an important resource for helping you to accomplish your goals.  Killer Work from Home Jobs: 200 Fortune 500 & Legitimate Work at Home Jobs – How to Make Money Online from Home! Exclusively on

Think about it, with 200 job opportunities to choose from, you could be working from home next week!


  1. Wonderful issues altogether, you’ve simply gained a new reader. What might you suggest in regards to recent articles on Yahoo pulling back on working at home? Will this have any impact on home-based workers, or the movement.

    • I don’t think that it will have major impact. A few companies will follow suit, certainly, but overall working from home is such a great opportunity, it make workers happy and also inspires worker loyalty, so it will not go away anytime soon.

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